Monday, July 27, 2015


It's been a long time since I've updated this blog since a lot of things have happened:


It's my first job so I've been really busy. I work in a drinks shop that sells bubble tea and all that good stuff. c:


A cruise to Bermuda to be exact.  I'll be posting blog entries on that soon as well as the ones from the past two months.

Thank you to those who continue to visit my blog even though I haven't updated in almost two months lol!

I can't believe my blog reached 25k views! Thanks ^_^

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Post-Gallery Adventure

After the art gallery, we went to get lunch. We walked on the High Line to see the view of the city. It used to be a railroad but it is now an attraction for tourists and New Yorks alike.

I saw this on the side of a building while walking there~

We had ramen in the Chelsea Pier marketplace. It tasted really good but it was very expensive and not filling at all. I finished it in five minutes!
The bowl was at least $10 and I added an egg which was actually $2 extra :I

We went to Tours de Jours Bakery at Korea Town afterwards for dessert. They served shaved ice- decorated with condensed milk, red beans, fruits and ice cream. 

It looks so colorful and lovely. I ordered the green tea shaved ice. It was very expensive though ($13!). It was mainly ice and I couldn't finish it in the end. I kept coughing bc it was so cold :(

After dessert, we decided to go home. It was a fun day c:

The Jane Lombard Gallery

After viewing Yayoi Kusama's gallery, we went to see the gallery across the street. 

It was completely empty so we could take as many photos as wanted :p

Counting bugs with Vanessa; there were these huge ant-looking bugs crawling on the windows!

At first I thought there were only two bugs (and one dead one) but Diana said to look up and there were a BUNCH OF THEM crawling on the window ughh gross! I wouldn't want to put my artwork in a room infested with bugs :(

I've been shaping my eyebrows but I can't get the shape I had a few months ago :c


After a couple more photos, we went to get some lunch. I was rather grossed out by the number of bugs I saw. There was even one at the door handle when we left!

But other than that, I enjoyed the artwork very much. I should have read more on the artist upon entering.